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Recently, we got some exciting news. There were new oils being added to one of our favorite kits at Young Living!

Now, one of my favorites were being added along with two other very awesome things: Valor, Peace and Calming, and a Thieves hand purifier. NICE!

The scent of Valor is meant to give you extra courage and confidence.
Peace and Calming does what it says: makes you feel peaceful and calm.
Thieves hand purifier is a great way to cleanse your hands after a day of shopping and germs!

Now it’s easier than ever to get your own kit with TWELVE oils, your choice of diffuser, and lots of other goodies (including wholesale pricing for life!).

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Summer is Almost Over

Is it a case of the Mondays? Or just a long summer coming to an end? Or lack of sleep?!

Probably all three.

This summer I was blessed to be home with our two kids. They're tween/teen age now and spending so much time with them the past three months has been both hard and rewarding. I love those little humans so very much! How they've grown, how amazing they are, how interesting they are is just fascinating to me. My heart swells when I see how far they've come.

They'll be starting school soon which means I'll be able to focus on more things business related: building, advertising, actively recruiting. I'll be honest, this past three months I've let things slip a bit. I've been focusing on my family which of course is important. But I've also been dealing with the shadow of depression here and there. 

Depression is so difficult to describe and explain, isn't it? On one hand, you want to be strong and fight it. Sometimes you win! Sometimes you don't. You feel guilty for burdening your family but also resentful that they want you to be happy all the time. You feel tired. Scared. Maybe a little panicked, because honestly, is it going to go away soon or not? You're trying to figure out what triggered it this time but really, depression is always there. 

I've found a great deal of help with amazing natural supplements, oils, exercise, and eating right which I'm so grateful for. Yes, there are some days I can barely bring myself to get out of bed and I "forget" to do all the things I know are good for me. My kids have had a lot to do with overcoming that this summer. I don't want them on their iPads, phones, and Xbox all day so I'm going to get up and we're going to do something amazing! And we do: this summer we've fished, vacationed, swam, built things, played games, hung out with grandparents and friends, you name it. It's been a good summer.

But summer is almost over. Maybe I'm a little nervous about what's going to happen when they go back to school. Without their developing brains to worry about stimulating, will I be enough to get myself out of bed? Can I stay on task? Will my husband be resentful that he's working outside the home and I'm not? Will I feel guilty that he's got to face the working world while I work from behind my computer? 

As an intuitive introvert empath, feelings are always huge, especially when they're coming from others around me. When low energy emotions come from your inner circle, you find yourself becoming more and more introverted and you internalize more, trying to avoid it. It's an intricate dance as you move around all the feelings while building yourself up. Some days you feel vulnerable - those days are hard. Everything offends you, people accuse you being too sensitive, and you just want to go hide under the blankets. Some days you feel unstoppable and you get SO much done! It's so easy to let things roll of your back. But honestly there is rarely a happy medium.

To all the stay at home moms, work at home women, business builders, intuitive people, and empaths, know that you're not alone. Keep fighting, keep pushing forward, keep hoping, keep an eye on your dreams, and plan your goals. Because even on a bad day, good days are coming soon.

As for me, I'm going to work really hard on being consistent with my self-care, especially when the kids head back to school. There will still be bad days but I hope to keep them to a minimum! <3


Carry The Torch

Earlier this week, we said goodbye to Young Living's founder, Gary Young. Did I ever meet Gary face to face or shake his hand? No, it was my goal to do that when I walked across the stage as a Royal Crown Diamond but sadly, I won't get to see that smile up close. 

What I DID get to see of Gary was his passion and excitement. Even in a stadium packed with thousands of Young Living members, I remember his words brought tears to my eyes more than once. When other people tried to match that excitement, they ended up sounding cheesy to me. Gary was genuine. 

When I went to Utah for Silver Retreat, we got to listen to him speak in a smaller venue. I could tell he didn't take crap from anyone but I also got the feeling he wanted you to know why he wouldn't accept less than the best. He overwhelmed me because I still wasn't sure where I was at in my YL journey. But he made me want to do better.  I did get to meet his wife, Mary, and her sister at Silver Retreat and they were a hoot! 

I sometimes wonder what I would do if my husband would die. We've known each other for 22 years. I don't know how I would function with my daily life. Not only does Mary Young need to navigate single parenting, she also needs to run a billion dollar company in Gary's image. I have no doubt she's up to the task, but it goes to show how closely family and YL are tied together.

There's something about a leader that leads by doing, not telling. I've heard people say that while Gary loved to share the message of YL, he much preferred to be out in the fields, doing the hands-on work and seeing his vision grow. If only there were more people like him in the world, who didn't accept second-best and only wanted good for everyone. If everyone paid it forward like he did, the world would be an insanely better place.

It's hard to imagine Young Living without Gary and all his amazing ideas at the helm. I know our company is in good hands, we're just used to Gary's hands. 

If he were listening now, I would thank him for having high standards, caring for the Earth, for going against the naysayers and doubters, for sharing his vision, and for never giving up. I will carry the torch and strive to be selfless like you were. Godspeed.

Guilty/Not Guilty

A couple weeks ago, I received a jury summons.

Now, I've gotten a summons once before. I called in each day like a good little citizen and was never needed in person. Easy! I assumed this round would be the same way.

I was wrong.


The first day I called in, my group number wasn't called. Sweet. The second day though, they called my number on the recording which meant I had to show up Tuesday morning. I was FREAKING. New situations like this are precisely what I try to avoid at all costs. Maybe God was giving me a little "comfort zone push". 

So Tuesday morning, I doused myself with essential oils like Clarity, Common Sense, and Stress Away and drove to the court house. After I parked, got through the metal detector, and checked in, I was faced with about forty people in the jury room. Here we go!

The first day was jury selection. Due to the nature of the case, there were a LOT of questions. One by one, they picked off the ones that wouldn't work. And still I stayed. Toward the end of the day, they made the final selection of 14 jurors (12 + 2 alternates) and I was chosen. By this point I was actually kind of excited. We had just enough time to listen to opening statements before we were sent home.

The next day was witnesses, research, and lots of lawyer talk. I was still fascinated. My stress levels were through the roof of course, but at that point I didn't care: watching the legal process in action was intriguing. By the end of day 2, the jurors felt comfortable enough to start talking to each other. I met one guy who knew my brother and another guy who knew my dad. One woman and I shared a first name and another woman had my daughter's name. 


Day three was more of day 2, but this time, they wrapped up with closing statements earlier than expected. So then we went off to deliberate. This was a lesson in social interaction. We came from ALL walks of life. There was one kid who was extremely liberal, had an opinion on everything, and felt very important. I thought he was rude most of the time but it didn't matter: we still had to come to a unanimous decision. We deliberated for almost three hours and came to a good verdict. We were able to go home, knowing we had done our duty as citizens. 

I learned three things from this experience: 
1. I appreciate the legal process much more now and I think I could be a great mediator.
2. There are a lot of awesome people in our county. It gives me hope for humanity.
3. I stressed out way more than I thought I would have through this whole experience.

The following days after jury duty, I was WIPED OUT. I had little to no energy, I was tired all the time, I was craving sweets and salty items way more than normal, and I felt down in the dumps. What the heck was going on?

If you look back a few entries on this blog here, you'll see I talk about adrenal fatigue. Most women in the United States have struggled or are struggling with this. Apparently I am one of them. Not diagnosed, but judging from the symptoms, it fits perfectly. 

So I did some self care and now I'm feeling almost back to normal. Would I do it again? For sure! I admired the judge, the lawyers, and everyone involved. It was a fantastic experience. One woman even said it was on her bucket list! 

Finally, if you live locally and want to discuss more about jury duty or your own experiences as a juror, stop by Milk and Honey Ciders this Friday! We're continuing our Timeout Tour and would love to chat with you about verdicts, kids, jobs, or anything that comes up. Talk to you soon!

Hidden Messages

A few years ago, I acquired a nifty little tool called the Zyto Compass.

This little tiny hand cradle (and huge software addition to my laptop) started out as being a simple addition to my natural wellness arsenal. Basically, it told me what was out of balance in my body and then gave me suggestions about how I could fix the imbalances. My family loved it, my team loved it, I loved it.

It was a great help.

Fast forward a couple years, and there's now a new kid on the block: The Zyto Balance.

Zyto balance.jpg

Think of the most confusing part of your body, one that you can't understand why it's doing what it's doing. Like, why are you sweating at night? How come your stomach is punching you from the inside? Why do your feet look like you're wearing green socks and you're actually not? Why do you you feel like you can't share your ideas? Why can't you talk to people without wanting to throat punch them? (Just me? Um, okay then . . . of course I'm kidding, but we all have those days right?)

I thought the Zyto Compass was cool. But it doesn't hold a candle to the Balance. Not only does it tell you what's up with your body and give suggestions, it actually goes THROUGH each of your Four Core systems in insane detail: Gastrointestinal, Endocrine/Hormonal, Immune, and Detoxification. It also covers what types of things are stressing out your sleep patterns, your skin, your emotional health, and SO MUCH MORE. In fact, it takes a good hour just to go through the results. 

So if you've been struggling with anything physical, mental, emotional or beyond, PLEASE let me help you (or rather, let the Balance help you). It will give you some insight as to what areas you need to focus on for total health and wellness. You can do it! 

Fill out the form below and I'll touch base to set up a time with you!
NOTE: We need to be able to meet in person as physical touch is what makes the scan work. I live in Central Minnesota. It's awesome.

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