Sing From Your Heart!


In this edition of Sky Notes, we're going to talk about the Heart Chakra and the Throat Chakra - these are both SO important in your overall health. Why? Because one contains love and the other helps you speak your mind!

The Heart Chakra

Look at those beautiful hues of green! You'd think maybe pink or red, but the Heart Chakra's signature color is a beautiful emerald green. What kind of emotions do these pictures evoke for you?

The Heart Chakra is the fourth chakra, located right over your heart, in the center of your chest. Some say this is where the two worlds meet: heaven and earth - it’s in the middle of the chakra line, and with the upper chakras being more connected to the spiritual and the lower chakras being more connected to the physical, and the Heart Chakra brings them all together! The Heart Chakra deals with love, friendship, kindness, forgiveness, devotion, and generosity.

This chakra is typically formed between the ages of 28-35. It associates with the shape of a crescent moon, the element of air, and oversees your thymus gland, lungs, hands, heart, blood, immune and endocrine systems. So if you struggle with any kind of disease associated with these body systems, look deeply into whether you need to forgive, love more, or be more generous.
If you're looking for an essential oil to diffuse or massage over your chest, try these wonderful scents: Rose,  bergamot, lavender, oregano, spikenard, and Joy - these are perfect accents to strengthening your Heart Chakra. All of these scents promote love, compassion, hope and an ability to experience deeper, more honest and meaningful relationships. Other options are Lemon and Neroli, which encourage trust and a sense of security to dispel fear, allow love in and promote hope and joyful love.

Heart Chakra Affirmation:
I love to be loved. I am love. Love is at the center of my life. Love heals me and makes me new. Love is all that truly matters in life. Love connects me to the infinite and makes me whole. Love restores my faith in life.

So ask yourself . . . questions for reflection . . .
Do you feel love for yourself? How much peace do you create in your life? Do you believe that we are all connected? How do you experience oneness? Where do you find joy in your life? 

The Throat Chakra

I don't know about you, but the color blue makes me feel so peaceful! So when you resonate with turquoise or sky blue, you are resonating with your Throat Chakra! This chakra is the fifth one, located – can you guess? Right in your throat/neck area, and also in the mouth, teeth, and jaw. It deals with governing our expression of thoughts and feelings, finding our own truth and relearning the ability to express ourselves.

This chakra is the center of communication, sounds, and expression of creativity via though, speech and writing. It's typically formed between the ages of 35-42 and is associated with  the element of sound, or ethers (in which all things are contained). It can affect your thyroid, lungs, vocal chords, shoulders, neck, arms, and hands. It’s amazing how much this one chakra can spread out through your entire body!

Several scents and essential oils will support this chakra. Try spearmint, spruce, Believe and Valor! You could apply these to the back of your neck, throat, and the base of your skull. Start slowly at first and dilute if needed. You may find this opens up your Throat Chakra a lot and things start pouring out that you’ve been holding in for a long time. So . . . beware! :-) Spearmint and spruce can help open emotional blockages. Valor and Believe can help you have the strength to speak your mind, or be content in what you know internally so you don’t have to voice it out loud.

If you feel blocked with suppressed feelings, unexpressed ideas, or unspoken emotions, you may have to deal more strongly with your Throat Chakra. To help open it, try to express yourself creatively, show willpower, tell the truth, communicate as clearly as you can, and stand up for your own personal integrity. That last one is hard, especially for people who tend to want to always smooth things over.

This chakra is deeply affected by substance abuse, gossip, lying, and lack of integrity. These things can cause issues of communication, expression, creativity, speech, and listening.

There’s always a balance, a yin and yang. People with a yin type of throat chakra dysfunction can lock their feelings, thoughts and opinions up inside. People who have the yang type of throat chakra imbalance tend to have more outward expression. They can be talkers, conversation interrupters and poor listeners. 

Throat Chakra Affirmation:
I speak my truth and honor my commitment to it. I express myself as honestly as I can. I share my feelings with ease and comfort. I live from my integrity. I communicate what is so for me without projecting my truth onto others. I express myself as creatively as possible. I listen to my inner truth.

or reflection, ask yourself these questions:
o you share your truth with others? Do you do what you say you are going to do? Do you feel that telling the truth may be offensive to others? Where do you channel your creativity? How strong is your will? 

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