Chakras: Chock Full of Rah!


This month I wanted to talk more about chakras. Some people automatically shy away from that word and its "connotations": it's too new-agey or weird! (Did you just do that? Ha ha!) If so, that's okay, and I encourage you to read on. It's not so scary! 

Let's break down the basics:
*The word "chakra" is ancient Sanskrit and means “wheel of light”.
*We as humans have 7 major chakras (see picture above).
*Each chakra is linked to an element, a color, a musical tone, an oil, an angel, an animal, a specific crystal, plants, and more!
*It acts as a kind of filtration system – purifying energy from the heavens and on earth. The chakra is where the two worlds combine.
*By learning about chakras, we can begin to heal all our body systems.
*A congested chakra might mean coldness and lack of energy, out of sorts, or constipated.
*Too much energy in the chakra might come up as heat, irritability.
*When working with your chakras, it’s best to work from the bottom up. Then you will feel secure and in place to work with the others that are higher up.

See? It's not so bad! Energy is all around us, but it's also IN us - God given energy that helps us achieve our goals, allows us to help others, create, and heal!

Everyone/thing has a subtle energy. It’s the force field around all living things. This energy controls our physical well-being, emotional stability, and mental clarity and acts as a mirror about how we feel about ourselves and life in general. The more positive yours thoughts, the stronger your subtle energy is, or your energy field. When our chakras or energy is weak, we are prone to attacks both physical and mental, but we can easily strengthen them by meditation, prayer, and positive thinking.

You can also choose to "anoint" your chakras with essential oils like with Young Living! When using an oil to anoint a chakra, use only one oil per session. Check out for some good ideas on how to anoint yourself, your energy, and your chakras.

Personal note: I understand that chakras, energy, and spirituality aren't for everyone. I also believe that knowledge and education are powerful! So even if you don't want to anoint your chakras, clear your energy, or strengthen your energetic field, please know that learning about them could help you overcome major hurdles in your life, along with prayer and meditation. If you need more insight or assistance with this, I'm happy to help! Click here to schedule a consultation:

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