Emotions: Motion & Flow

 eeling tense or emotionally stuck? Are you a perfectionist? Do you worry?
Let’s get some motion and flow going in your life!

Cypress essential oil is many things . . . including the “flexibility creator”.

You can’t let go of the past until you’re ready to give up fear. That takes flexibility and it can be scary! Cypress helps get your feelings and stagnant energies moving along - so you can RELEASE the fear. 


Don’t try to force things in your life – try letting them unfold naturally! Cypress supports you as you set aside your worries, let go of needing to control, and allows you to find out how amazing life can be if you just let it happen. Have trust in the flow of life and the fact that you’re not alone. Angels, God, spirit guides, whatever the case may be, they will help you get into the groove of your life if you release control and accept what’s in front of you.

Gifts are always at hand if you take the time to look. You can do it!

Emotions addressed: controlling, fear, perfectionism, rigidity, stuck, tense

Try applying this oil to your feet, keeping you grounded in the moment. Also terrific to diffuse in a good quality diffuser!

Mary RuhlandComment