Emotions #6: Sandalwood Sweep


I go to church pretty much every Sunday, ever since I was a kid. Even when I was in college, if I didn't go, I felt . . . weird. Kind of empty, like something was missing. I know organized religions go through a lot of persecution and for that, I'm sad. People miss having faith in their life because they're too busy questioning, judging, and doubting. Or maybe they WERE religious but fell away due to personal reasons and changes in their life. Everyone's story is their own.

If you ARE spiritual in nature, you more than likely have reverence and respect for Deity (God, the Universe, Angels, Buddha, every religion has a higher power(s) of some kind). At the very least, you know there are unexplainable things that happen like miracles and amazing coincidences. Maybe you talk with God? Talking with God takes reverence and respect, and in return calms your mind and heart for prayerful interaction.

Sandalwood teaches of spiritual devotion and spiritual sacrifice. Sometimes you need to dump all your material attachments on the "altar of sacrifice" so you can progress more spiritually. Sandalwood invites you to see where your hearts are and challenges you to reorder your priorities to be in alignment with the Divine will. Again, all good things!

Sandalwood oil can help you quiet the mind, raise the vibration of your mind, and feel ready to leave behind things like wealth, need for acceptance, and material attachments. It's a scary journey. Are you ready?

Emotions addressed: Disconnected from God or spiritual Self, emptiness, over-thinking, materialism

Companion oils: Oregano, Spikenard

Mary RuhlandComment