Have a Nice Day!

It's hard believe our time reviewing emotions and essential oils is done. I hope you enjoyed learning more about how each scent can affect your many thoughts and feelings! If you need a refresher, scroll down through the blog entries.

So what's next? 

Let's talk. About talking. To ourselves. 


That's right, talking to yourself isn't crazy, it'sESSENTIAL. Saying your affirmations each day helps set your mind up for a positive approach to life. It's the positive thoughts we sometimes drown out because of our busy lives and being constantly bombarded with negativity. Here are a few tips when adding affirmations to your daily life:

First up, find some affirmations that resonate with you. This can be as easy as a Google search. Here are a few of mine that I say daily:

  • Money flows freely into my life and I use it wisely.
  • I accept grace, goodwill, and strength from God.
  • I stand up for what's right and maintain integrity through my words and actions.
  • I am open to receiving new and exciting ideas.

I actually have about four pages of affirmations, and I add on as new ones come to me. Some I've crossed out too. It just depends on how I'm feeling and what works for me.

Next, try to avoid words like "can't, won't, don't, never, none" etc. Phrases like "I will not gain weight" or "My bank account will never be empty" can be switched to more positive sayings like "My body is healthy and fit through exercise and eating right" and "I allow money to come to me, wherever it wants to come from." Do you hear and feel the difference?

Finally, be specific and keep practicing! Saying your daily affirmations once or twice is great, but saying them every day for a MONTH is definitely a game changer. Taking some time in the morning to create your mindset is the perfect time to incorporate your affirmations. You deserve to hear these wonderful things as you start your day! 

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