It's Not Easy Being Green?


Maybe it's not easy for KERMIT to be green, but it can be easy for YOU to be green!

A few years ago, I had a lot bubbles in my kitchen sink. I had a blue dish soap that I loved and it made A LOT of bubbles. "Bubble-topia" my son called it. My soap worked well, and as an added bonus, it brought back childhood memories of being in the kitchen because it's what my mom used.

Fast forward to today. I feel like I'm a bit wiser now.

There are some ingredients in my former fave that aren't all that great, but I never stopped to question it!  I mean, our family had been using it for years, right? So when I started researching and reading, I didn't like what I found - my dish soap, my bubble bath, my cleaner, they all had some weird and potentially harmful chemicals.

THEN I found that yes, there are other options that have less chemicals, are friendlier to the environment, and will support the health of my family. Why not just use those? #ShiftMyBrain

Those air fresheners? Laundry soap? Makeup? Do a little research and see what's in them. Try here or here. You'll be surprised at what you find!

Don't get overwhelmed. Heck, it's taken me YEARS to research and eventually replace everything in my home that had room for improvement. But you can start somewhere. You deserve it and so does your family.

My family can breathe easier knowing that we're making a difference - and you can too!

Mary RuhlandComment