Blood Sugar Rush

Our body is amazing, isn't it? I don't have to tell my heart to keep the blood pumping. My brain just knows when it's time to sleep. My lungs just keep doing their thing, no help from me really. When I stub my toe, there's that "lag time" between the initial collision and when my brain registers it so you know that's REALLY going to hurt.

When I was pregnant with my two kids, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I tried to keep it under control with diet and exercise but unfortunately that wasn't enough. I eventually had to get serious: multiple finger pricks per day, pre-loaded insulin syringes that I had to administer myself (I got over my fear of needles really quickly), tons of checkups at the doc.


Luckily, after both births, my body went back to normal and my blood sugar started taking control of itself. I'm at a higher risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes, but for now, I'm handling it. 

Today was my annual endocrinology (diabetes) checkup at the local clinic. I dread this appointment because every year, no matter how hard I try, my numbers always get worse: my weight, my A1C, my fasting glucose, everything. It didn't help that yesterday was Valentine's Day where chocolate flows like water (why oh why did I chose today for an appointment!?)

But this year, for the first time ever, my numbers did not get worse. I was shocked. Did they do a 180 and everything is in normal range? Well, no, but for the first time, there's improvement. I can live with improvement! My weight went down a bit, my A1C went down a little, my fasting glucose was a little high (damn you chocolate), and my other numbers improved as well (apparently my "good cholesterol" is low, but so is my "bad"). 

Am I doing things differently? I'm trying! I'm only human. I'm working out (so gross!), trying to eat less sugar (sugar addiction is a THING!), and doing supplements. I honestly believe my supplements have been a huge part in IMPROVEMENTS. Here's a few that I take:

Balance Complete
I try to have a shake a day, at least every/other day. I like to CHEW things so this has taken some getting used to, but it tastes amazing and helps me curb my sugar cravings, so it's really been a positive change for me.

One I try to never go without! I helps flush the "bad" from my system and helps me control my body's response to inflammation. 

I've actually just started using these. I like them! They support my metabolism which is always a helpful thing.

Believe Essential Oil
The right mindset can make all the difference. I still have bad days, but I have way more uplifting ones. Applying this oil really resonates with me and helps me have a positive spin on my thoughts!

So here's to IMPROVEMENTS. I hope for little ones all year long.