You've Got Something On Your Face

When I was in high school, I started playing with makeup. A little eye shadow, mascara, powder. I usually picked up random sale items when we drove an hour to the nearest Target (rock on, Columbia Mall in Grand Forks, ND!) Dark brown eye shadow? Sweet. Bright pink lips? Of course! Tan blush? Who wouldn't!?

I had no idea what I was doing. 

I look back at some of the pictures in 10th, 11th, 12th grade and wonder how people didn't run away from me screaming. I really liked that brown eye shadow, all the way up to my eyebrows.  My dark pink lips smiling away. (I swear I did try to find a picture - perhaps I burned it . . .)

Fast forward to today. It's been a few years. My makeup styles have changed a LOT in the past XX years. Now, I actually care about what I put on my face. It's a barely there look that I can glam up when the mood strikes me. It's buildable. It's forgiving. Even on the days when I'm at home and no one sees me but my husband and two kids, I put on a little shimmer and mascara. 

Makeup is a choice for a lot of people. It's an emotional choice. Maybe you've used the same brand of mascara since you were in your teens. Or the same shade of lipstick because you know it looks good on you and you will NEVER use anything else. NEVER. That's why it's so difficult to educate people about the ingredients of their makeup - because it's an emotional conversation that may challenge a lot of long-standing beliefs.

Now, I'm not saying throw your stash away and go "naked face". I'm saying baby steps. Go slow in your swap. Download the ThinkDirty app and scan that barcode on your blush. Read the labels. And slowly move into makeup that might actually be better for your skin, let alone your endocrine system. Find out what makes your makeup bag tick.

Once you decide to move forward, it can be overwhelming. Which color? Which brand? Which ingredients? FEAR NOT! The answer is before you!

This is all I use now and I strongly encourage those to come over to the clean side! You can keep your favorite old lipstick in a chest of memorabilia, it's okay. For now though, it's time to try something better.

Need color match help? I'm there for you!