Knee Time


This picture strikes me as funny because I truly believe Winona Ryder is like Joyce Byers in real life: crazy and stressed and wonderfully weird. Plus I live in Minnesota (about 190 miles from Winona, MN actually). If you haven't seen Stranger Things you should. It's fun, campy goodness.

Anyway, I have stress. (Don't we all???) Okay this week is more than normal levels. Here's why:

Last week, I was playing volleyball during our weekly meet-up. We're not all spring chickens anymore. (Okay let's face it, I'm 40 not 20.) I went to hit a ball that was tipped over the net. I went one way and my knee went another. I swear I heard a pop and thought, "Oh Lord that can't be good."

It wasn't. After a few days I had to go in because OW. Diagnosis? Meniscus tear. 

Okay so it's not just the ouching of the knee. It's how it makes you WIPED OUT. The pain, the limping, the babying it, the whining (bless my family). At one point, I asked my son to get me a glass of water while I sat on the couch because "my meniscuuuuuus, it huuuurts." He rolled his eyes and responded, "Well, I had heart surgery so if I can get over that, you can get your own glass of water." Double ouch, so sassy! (He did get me water.)

So tomorrow I'm going to see the physical therapist to see what's up. I'm getting a little stir crazy not being able to walk or do cardio stuff or walk up the stairs without looking like Igor. Yes, it's going to be a good day tomorrow.

In the last week, I've been doing the typical home remedies: RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) and my knee seems like like the "C". I made a knee brace out of an old sock and it works pretty awesome. I also found an essential oils blend that is supporting me during this difficult time. This morning there was very little stiffness so I'm thinking we're on the up and up!

That's hot.

That's hot.

So here's to less stress, more home remedies, patience, healing, and an actual knee brace.