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Intuition, inner thought, the voice in your head, your gut feeling. I have become so interested in this lately. No, you don't have to be a psychic to have intuition. EVERYONE has it. Yes, even you.


A couple weeks ago, I was very snarly. Not really myself, I felt like I wanted to pick a fight with anyone who looked at me wrong. I even "had words" with a fellow shopper at JCPenney. (In my defense, she budged the line, but still, normal me would've just let it go). 

At home, my husband was being very funny, trying to get me to laugh, I was all "Ugh, enough already, I'm allowed to be crabby once in a while!"

He looked at me and said, "When's the last time you had some non-work quiet time alone?"

DING DING DING DING! We have a winner! 

I literally couldn't remember the last time I had meditated, journaled, sat quietly, read through my affirmations, or anything that would feed my intuitive side. 


And so I made a little time. Just a little though, because honest to goodness, things are CRAZY busy right now. My family, my work team, all my plans! All amazing excuses right? But you can't fill other cups when your own cup is empty. Which is why I actually put a "date day" for myself on the planner.

In our Facebook group Red Sky Intuitive Playground, we've been practicing exercises to try and get more in tune with our intuition. I think getting it out in the forefront and talking about it is SO important. (Join us here if you'd like! Below is an example of what we've been practicing...)

Intuitive 3.jpg

So what's the difference between a psychic and being intuitive? The answer is practice. Psychics are simply people who have become so in tune with their intuition and inner voice that they can actually utilize it daily and on demand. So cool!

If you want help or have questions about honing and strengthening your intuition, I encourage you to schedule an appointment. We can get on the path to tuning in to you!

Until next time, here's to being centered and whole!

Thankful Thanks

Tomorrow is one of the few days every year where most people actually STOP and make an effort to understand how lucky they are. I'm one of them, although I'm trying to be more grateful on a daily basis. 

Basically, if you're breathing, have four walls and a roof, and food to eat, you have something to be thankful for! 

You may not have a lot but you have something. Eyes, for one thing if you're reading this. Although if you're like me, you need Coke bottles to see clearly. But then, I'm thankful for Coke bottle glasses!

Everyone has a story. Everyone has something that has crafted them into the person they are today. It's basically a miracle when you think about it: the person you met on the street that made you smile, meeting your spouse out of all the random people in the world, kids (if you have them) out of all the little angels up in heaven God gave you yours, leaving five minutes late and avoiding an accident, finding that shiny penny on the ground, seeing a hummingbird that reminds you of your Grandma. Miracles all around!

I'm grateful for the following (not an inclusive list):

  • My kids

  • My husband

  • My happy dog

  • Our home

  • A reliable car

  • Enough money so we can live comfortably

  • Our faith

  • Patience

  • Love

  • Laughter pretty much everyday

  • Understanding

  • My "job"

  • My "Coworkers"

  • The ability to work from home

  • Kindness

  • Forgiveness

I could go on! The bottom line is that Thanksgiving is great time to make a list just like this so when you're having a bad day you can remember just why you are where you are. And if you ARE having a bad day, know that it's only temporary and this storm will pass, leaving you wiser, stronger, and smarter.

Happy Thanksgiving!

New and Fun for Summer!

I'll post some more photos next time of the amazing journey that happened, but I wanted to give everyone a heads up on the new, chemical-free items that were just rolled out at Young Living convention earlier in June! Check out all the new items, be in awe, drool a little, and then click here to start getting your very own!

Emotions #7: Speaker Empowered

Do you LOVE to speak in front of a crowd?

When I was in high school, I graduated with nine people in my class. For reals. Three gals, six guys. Three of us were chosen to speak at our graduation and I was one of them. Determined to be part of a memorable send-off, I practiced and wrote draft after draft with my English teacher. When the big day came, I was ready! I hopped on stage with my notes and prepared to wow everyone with my lyrical prose.

What I didn’t realize at the time was that during every other sentence, I would raise my hand dramatically and then let it drop (loudly) onto the podium, where it would then reverberate into the microphone and kill it for a second or two. Of course I was nervous and had no idea this was going on, and was perplexed by the light applause I received. Didn’t I knock it out of the park? Did they not just hear this amazingly emotional speech? Well, they heard PART of it...

This experience haunted me for years afterward. I was so confident and so sure that I was doing a great job in front of the gym full of people! And if I didn’t see it then, I was scared I would never see it when I spoke in public again.


However, there came a time when I did need to speak in front of people again: college, office jobs, and now especially in the field that I’m in: leading classes, coaching, speaking to groups, etc. The emotion of fear becomes really annoying after a while.

here is an essential oil called Spearmint that inspires clarity of thought and verbal expression. Translate that inner clarity into words for all to hear! Spearmint can promote confidence when you want to express yourself verbally, especially in front of groups of people.  It infuses you with confidence and encourages you to take a stand on what you value.

So the next time you feel inarticulate or stumble over your words, simply grab a bottle of Spearmint and breathe it in. Tell yourself that you are strong, confident, and full of inner light, and watch your stumbling and scattered words become a flow of graceful speech. 

Emotions #5: Coming Up Rose(mary)

n my last post, I talked about my daughter having a hard time with change. It saddens her so much when we change our yard (we put on a deck and pulled out some 20 year old shrubs). Or when we get rid of things she has memories tied to (we’re thinking about selling our really awesome swingset). I remember once throwing away a gum wrapper when she was three or four. She cried because wanted to keep it – apparently it was the best gum she’d ever had. Some people might see it as a kind of weakness. I see it as compassion, empathy, genuine sensitivity, and goodness.
Then it dawned on me, I need to help her transition these tough times! Sometimes talking isn’t enough, we need to use all the resources we have in our arsenal. And I know just the scent to help her: Rosemary.
Rosemary aids in times of transition and change. It helps us realize that there are higher powers at work in our life, even if we can’t see them. It can offer mental clarity, support feelings of confidence, and gives us perspective in tough situations. This includes learning disabilities and expanding the mind when we’re learning new things.
You can diffuse this scent as an essential oil. You can cook with it. You can put a sprig of it in your car. I’ll sometimes put this on the back of my neck, it’s softer and gentler than peppermint essential oil.
So whatever the case: confusion, transitioning issues, being “stuck” . . . know that your emotions are valid and that the olfactory portion of your brain will use the scent of Rosemary to assist you in your journey