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Thankful Thanks

Tomorrow is one of the few days every year where most people actually STOP and make an effort to understand how lucky they are. I'm one of them, although I'm trying to be more grateful on a daily basis. 

Basically, if you're breathing, have four walls and a roof, and food to eat, you have something to be thankful for! 

You may not have a lot but you have something. Eyes, for one thing if you're reading this. Although if you're like me, you need Coke bottles to see clearly. But then, I'm thankful for Coke bottle glasses!

Everyone has a story. Everyone has something that has crafted them into the person they are today. It's basically a miracle when you think about it: the person you met on the street that made you smile, meeting your spouse out of all the random people in the world, kids (if you have them) out of all the little angels up in heaven God gave you yours, leaving five minutes late and avoiding an accident, finding that shiny penny on the ground, seeing a hummingbird that reminds you of your Grandma. Miracles all around!

I'm grateful for the following (not an inclusive list):

  • My kids

  • My husband

  • My happy dog

  • Our home

  • A reliable car

  • Enough money so we can live comfortably

  • Our faith

  • Patience

  • Love

  • Laughter pretty much everyday

  • Understanding

  • My "job"

  • My "Coworkers"

  • The ability to work from home

  • Kindness

  • Forgiveness

I could go on! The bottom line is that Thanksgiving is great time to make a list just like this so when you're having a bad day you can remember just why you are where you are. And if you ARE having a bad day, know that it's only temporary and this storm will pass, leaving you wiser, stronger, and smarter.

Happy Thanksgiving!