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Emotional Baggage is Packed

This morning I had the opportunity to try something called Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT). It's a series of visualizations, emotional work, essential oils, and releasing memories that aren't bringing you the most good. (Click here for more information about AFT.) 

My reasons for doing an AFT were two-fold. One, I was helping out a friend who is going to be certified soon and needed to record a session. Two, I wanted to see if it could help me forget a particularly painful memory I think of almost daily. It happened when I was in middle school but it's still as fresh as the day it happened. 


I had to dig up a few additional old memories that had been stuck with me since middle school in order to process this one particular one. Frustration, anger, hopelessness, I ran the gamut of emotions in this half hour. So going through the process wasn't what I would call "FUN" but over the next three days I'm instructed to carry on with journaling, prayer, and a few other action items. I'm also asked to say a mantra: "I can find closure on my painful memory."

Mantra, affirmations, positive speak, it all means speaking in a manner which is loving and careful. Saying these phrases means programming your brain to believe them. It's these phrases that can pull you out of a funk, solidify your belief, strengthen your resolve, and boost your confidence. And hopefully the phrase can also help me release the memory that follows me around daily. I'm excited to see what happens!

omment below, what are some of your daily affirmations and mantras?

Affirmation Creation!

When you "affirm" something, you're basically saying IT'S TRUE. Simple right?

What happens when you say something preposterous, like "I will grow a third foot" or "My hair turns into gold when it's cut" or "I made this cheesecake from scratch"? If your brain rejects it as true (because honestly, who can make a delicious cheesecake from scratch?) that just means it's not there yet. Click here to read more about RAS (Reticular Activating System). In a nutshell, you see more of what you focus on. Like attracts like. Goals and dreams are accomplished. 

Life is good.