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Oil Changes in Retrograde

It's fascinating the things that happen when Mercury is in retrograde. Electronics go nuts, communications break down, nothing is really EASY. The energy of the whole planet is throw a little off-kilter. You're just supposed to delay any major decisions and huddle under the blankets in the basement as much as possible.

And yet, I decided it would be a good time to get an oil change.

Some background:
We bought a car from a dealership that is affiliated with my husband's job. We got a coupon for a free oil change (the heavens have blessed us with prosperity!). We decided to cash in that coupon.

Now, normally, I get the oil changes for our cars done at Quality Lube near our home. It's affordable and INSANELY fast. I'm talking like 10 minutes, 15 if they're busy. I barely have time to make awkward conversation with other customers who are sitting near me. (Put down your phone, I want to talk about the weather!)

So me, used to these amazing 10 minute oil changes, is a little shocked when the dealership service guy tells me it'll be about 45 minutes. Okay, it's 11:00, I have a lunch meeting at noon, I should be fine right?

Mercury Retrograde says: HA HA HA HA HA!

11:45: It's been 45 minutes. I've exhausted all my time-passing tasks: email, Candy Crush, talking to the restless elderly gentleman who keeps standing up and sitting down, watching Trump on the TV beside my head, opening my mail.

11:50: the guy in front of me gets to leave with his car. Lucky.

11:55: "Excuse me, do you know about how much longer it will be?" (Answer: just a couple more minutes...)

Noon: I text my lunch date to let her know I'm running behind. She's cool, as usual.

12:05: My blood pressure is starting to rise. I make the mistake of not being chill and begin to pace a hole in the carpet.

12:10: I sit down, resigning myself to the fact that I will never leave this waiting area.

12:15: My restaurant-themed buzzer lights up and shakes with the force of a fighter jet. It's time.

Cheerful guy: "All right miss, we have your car ready, come on up here and I'll get you taken care of!"
Me (are we not even going to talk about the fact that it took 1 hour and 15 minutes to get an oil change on my little car?): "Do you know why it took so long to get my car done? I was told it would be 45 minutes and I had to postpone a lunch meeting."
Cheerful guy: "Ah, no, the guy who helped you is at lunch right now but I can have him call you if you'd like!"
Me: "Excellent." (Said a la Mr. Burns while drumming my fingers together.)

After waiting for a tow truck to remove himself from in front of my car and narrowly avoiding a parking lot accident with a dealership logo-ed Cube, I make it to my lunch meeting only 20 minutes late.

"Andy" called me 30 minutes later. He sounded nervous. He explained that it took so long because he rotated my tires. (!?!?!) They needed to be rotated and they should've done it before we purchased the vehicle so he did it for free. He "probably should've told" me.

Thank you? (I actually did say thank you.)

After my lunch meeting, I went home and started laughing at myself because me, of all people, should know what just occurred here: Mercury in freaking retrograde. I should've just rolled with it, especially since my lunch date was being awesome about my lateness. I should've just said "thank you" for the free tire rotation and moved on with my day. I should've understood that the universe is having a moment and I just need to be patient. I should've understood that the more I try to control a situation, the more the control will be taken away from me.

Lesson learned.

Enjoy the rest of this season of regroup. On December 22nd, this period of movement will be over.

Just in time for Christmas. 

See you next week!