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Intuition, inner thought, the voice in your head, your gut feeling. I have become so interested in this lately. No, you don't have to be a psychic to have intuition. EVERYONE has it. Yes, even you.


A couple weeks ago, I was very snarly. Not really myself, I felt like I wanted to pick a fight with anyone who looked at me wrong. I even "had words" with a fellow shopper at JCPenney. (In my defense, she budged the line, but still, normal me would've just let it go). 

At home, my husband was being very funny, trying to get me to laugh, I was all "Ugh, enough already, I'm allowed to be crabby once in a while!"

He looked at me and said, "When's the last time you had some non-work quiet time alone?"

DING DING DING DING! We have a winner! 

I literally couldn't remember the last time I had meditated, journaled, sat quietly, read through my affirmations, or anything that would feed my intuitive side. 


And so I made a little time. Just a little though, because honest to goodness, things are CRAZY busy right now. My family, my work team, all my plans! All amazing excuses right? But you can't fill other cups when your own cup is empty. Which is why I actually put a "date day" for myself on the planner.

In our Facebook group Red Sky Intuitive Playground, we've been practicing exercises to try and get more in tune with our intuition. I think getting it out in the forefront and talking about it is SO important. (Join us here if you'd like! Below is an example of what we've been practicing...)

Intuitive 3.jpg

So what's the difference between a psychic and being intuitive? The answer is practice. Psychics are simply people who have become so in tune with their intuition and inner voice that they can actually utilize it daily and on demand. So cool!

If you want help or have questions about honing and strengthening your intuition, I encourage you to schedule an appointment. We can get on the path to tuning in to you!

Until next time, here's to being centered and whole!