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Emotions #7: Speaker Empowered

Do you LOVE to speak in front of a crowd?

When I was in high school, I graduated with nine people in my class. For reals. Three gals, six guys. Three of us were chosen to speak at our graduation and I was one of them. Determined to be part of a memorable send-off, I practiced and wrote draft after draft with my English teacher. When the big day came, I was ready! I hopped on stage with my notes and prepared to wow everyone with my lyrical prose.

What I didn’t realize at the time was that during every other sentence, I would raise my hand dramatically and then let it drop (loudly) onto the podium, where it would then reverberate into the microphone and kill it for a second or two. Of course I was nervous and had no idea this was going on, and was perplexed by the light applause I received. Didn’t I knock it out of the park? Did they not just hear this amazingly emotional speech? Well, they heard PART of it...

This experience haunted me for years afterward. I was so confident and so sure that I was doing a great job in front of the gym full of people! And if I didn’t see it then, I was scared I would never see it when I spoke in public again.


However, there came a time when I did need to speak in front of people again: college, office jobs, and now especially in the field that I’m in: leading classes, coaching, speaking to groups, etc. The emotion of fear becomes really annoying after a while.

here is an essential oil called Spearmint that inspires clarity of thought and verbal expression. Translate that inner clarity into words for all to hear! Spearmint can promote confidence when you want to express yourself verbally, especially in front of groups of people.  It infuses you with confidence and encourages you to take a stand on what you value.

So the next time you feel inarticulate or stumble over your words, simply grab a bottle of Spearmint and breathe it in. Tell yourself that you are strong, confident, and full of inner light, and watch your stumbling and scattered words become a flow of graceful speech.