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Guilty/Not Guilty

A couple weeks ago, I received a jury summons.

Now, I've gotten a summons once before. I called in each day like a good little citizen and was never needed in person. Easy! I assumed this round would be the same way.

I was wrong.


The first day I called in, my group number wasn't called. Sweet. The second day though, they called my number on the recording which meant I had to show up Tuesday morning. I was FREAKING. New situations like this are precisely what I try to avoid at all costs. Maybe God was giving me a little "comfort zone push". 

So Tuesday morning, I doused myself with essential oils like Clarity, Common Sense, and Stress Away and drove to the court house. After I parked, got through the metal detector, and checked in, I was faced with about forty people in the jury room. Here we go!

The first day was jury selection. Due to the nature of the case, there were a LOT of questions. One by one, they picked off the ones that wouldn't work. And still I stayed. Toward the end of the day, they made the final selection of 14 jurors (12 + 2 alternates) and I was chosen. By this point I was actually kind of excited. We had just enough time to listen to opening statements before we were sent home.

The next day was witnesses, research, and lots of lawyer talk. I was still fascinated. My stress levels were through the roof of course, but at that point I didn't care: watching the legal process in action was intriguing. By the end of day 2, the jurors felt comfortable enough to start talking to each other. I met one guy who knew my brother and another guy who knew my dad. One woman and I shared a first name and another woman had my daughter's name. 


Day three was more of day 2, but this time, they wrapped up with closing statements earlier than expected. So then we went off to deliberate. This was a lesson in social interaction. We came from ALL walks of life. There was one kid who was extremely liberal, had an opinion on everything, and felt very important. I thought he was rude most of the time but it didn't matter: we still had to come to a unanimous decision. We deliberated for almost three hours and came to a good verdict. We were able to go home, knowing we had done our duty as citizens. 

I learned three things from this experience: 
1. I appreciate the legal process much more now and I think I could be a great mediator.
2. There are a lot of awesome people in our county. It gives me hope for humanity.
3. I stressed out way more than I thought I would have through this whole experience.

The following days after jury duty, I was WIPED OUT. I had little to no energy, I was tired all the time, I was craving sweets and salty items way more than normal, and I felt down in the dumps. What the heck was going on?

If you look back a few entries on this blog here, you'll see I talk about adrenal fatigue. Most women in the United States have struggled or are struggling with this. Apparently I am one of them. Not diagnosed, but judging from the symptoms, it fits perfectly. 

So I did some self care and now I'm feeling almost back to normal. Would I do it again? For sure! I admired the judge, the lawyers, and everyone involved. It was a fantastic experience. One woman even said it was on her bucket list! 

Finally, if you live locally and want to discuss more about jury duty or your own experiences as a juror, stop by Milk and Honey Ciders this Friday! We're continuing our Timeout Tour and would love to chat with you about verdicts, kids, jobs, or anything that comes up. Talk to you soon!

Energy Up!

Have you ever felt like you could sleep all day? Even after a good night's sleep? 

I think, if you're a woman especially, you can really relate to that. Especially when you see all that's waiting for you when you wake up: work, laundry, cooking, errands, cleaning, keeping the kids in line, supporting your spouse, picking up the birthday present for your niece, remembering to thank your mom for the casserole she dropped off, and the list that goes on forever. 

Woman are pretty darn amazing.

There is one thing though that gets overlooked A LOT in terms of how our body deals with stress. That is: our adrenals.

Adrenal fatigue is difficult to diagnose and more is being learned about it all the time. 

Here's where your adrenals are located.

Here's where your adrenals are located.

For the rest of this month and into May, our Facebook group Red Sky Holistic Playground will be delving into the mysteries of our adrenals glands and what it means when we deal with stress. There are already a few people in our group that are being treated for adrenal fatigue so I can't wait to get their experiences as well.

Do You Believe in Miracles?

Do you believe in miracles?

Sometimes people call them “coincidences” or “right place, right time” or “luck”. I believe in miracles because I’ve been lucky enough to see them from time to time. The stories are personal, goosebump-inducing, and amazing.

Here’s the latest one:

My husband started a new job last week. It was a hard decision to leave his old job; he had been there for 17 years. I still remember when he first got the job – we were ecstatic! He had to commute quite a lot during that first year but he learned much from his many seasoned coworkers. There were so many memories, so much learning, and amazing relationships built. The company treated him well and supported our family.

But things were changing. Honestly it was making him a little nervous, plus I think he was ready for something different. But how could he even think of abandoning a company and coworkers that had become so dear to him? Was fear of the unknown enough of a catalyst to move forward?

We had SO many conversations about it. And after a few weeks of indecision, pros and cons, and worry, he bittersweetly decided to make the change.

The new job is pretty cool. He has a lot of new things to learn, laid back coworkers, less stress, and a purpose. He gets to work with people, unhurried. He’s working toward a goal that he can actually see and measure, and it benefits not only him but the people around him. It’s only been a week but it’s already clear this was the right decision, just by watching him.

Yesterday, after 6 days on his new job, he got a call from one of his old coworkers. He told my husband that they were choosing three people in their unit to undergo some drastic changes to their job. These new directives would change the core of the job, would be so adversely different that it would hardly resemble the old position. This job of driving sometimes 300 miles a day would now be a work from home position, no company car, no driving (which he loved), no human contact other than phone calls. SO DIFFERENT than what it was.

Had my husband stayed, he would’ve been one of the three people chosen for this overhaul.

And he would’ve withered and died.

Working from home, me as his only face-to-face contact, sitting at the table or a repurposed desk, no driving to different places, no new faces, no one to use his charisma and work ethic on . . . just him, alone.

Oh, he would’ve rallied. We would’ve said “Oh, it’s so great you still have a job.” And we would’ve been right. But over time, I know the silence and the stillness would’ve gotten to him.

The miracle is in the fact that he approached by his new boss mere weeks before this went down. The miracle is that he decided to make a change on faith even when it was scary. The miracle is that his new job is a perfect fit. The miracle is that after 17 years with his old job, he got out in time.

When he told me, I got goosebumps. The way God designed this is beyond human comprehension.

I’m grateful, happy, thankful, and bursting with joy knowing we made the right decision at the right time. I know our moms pray for us daily and I know God hears our prayers too.

As for me, I’ll keep doing what I love: helping people with their wellness goals, sharing the importance of natural ingredients, loving on immune systems, and so much more. My husband had a tough decision last month. I had a tough decision two years ago. And so far, we have nothing but gratefulness for the circumstances, God’s plan, and the faith that got us here.

Be well, everyone. Keep praying, keep your chin up, and know that things happen when they’re supposed to.