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Northern Lights

I grew up in northern Minnesota, kind of close to Canada. Away from all the big city lights, the evenings were peaceful and the sky was almost always clear. I was lucky enough to see the Northern Lights on a regular basis and stopped to watch them when the conditions were right. They are majestic, otherworldly, and mesmerizing. You can’t really explain them - you just need to see them, especially if you’re an intuitive or empathic personality. They touch a part of your soul.

So imagine my excitement a couple years ago, when Young Living came out with an essential oil that was called Northern Lights Black Spruce! These spruce trees are raised on the YL Farm in British Columbia, Canada and are said to harness the energy and spirit of the Northern Lights. So when the trees are distilled, a bit of that beautiful energy is now in bottled form.


Now, I have a few favorite oils: Valor, White Angelica, Grounding, Envision. Just look at the names - you don’t have to know much else about them but how positive their names are. And what is the common thread of these oils?

Northern Lights Black Spruce.

So the next time you need some love and light, positive energy, or some way to raise your spirits, grab this amazing oil and take a deep breath.

Here is a beautiful picture taken by a schoolmate who now has her own photography business!

You can order your own bottle of Northern Lights Black Spruce here

Or get your own membership for better pricing here AND the Black Spruce here

I wish you ALL will be able to experience this natural phenomenon sometime in your life!

Like Buttah

Last weekend was our quarterly “Live Your Passion” rally for Young Living. They released a TON of new items that are super fun and useful in the way you think “How did I live without that before?”

This is one such newbie: a body butter COLLECTION. Like you don’t even have to pick, they’re just all there for you!

Check them all out here and when you’re ready to get on the wellness train, click on the “Work With Me” tab on top and I’ll help you from start to finish!

I never believed God sent us here to live in sickness and poverty.
— Gary Young

NEW Savings!

Recently, we got some exciting news. There were new oils being added to one of our favorite kits at Young Living!

Now, one of my favorites were being added along with two other very awesome things: Valor, Peace and Calming, and a Thieves hand purifier. NICE!

The scent of Valor is meant to give you extra courage and confidence.
Peace and Calming does what it says: makes you feel peaceful and calm.
Thieves hand purifier is a great way to cleanse your hands after a day of shopping and germs!

Now it’s easier than ever to get your own kit with TWELVE oils, your choice of diffuser, and lots of other goodies (including wholesale pricing for life!).

Click here for more.

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How YOU Doin'?
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'Tis the season.

For sniffles and coughs and runny noses. And then there's the lovely people who want to SHARE these with you. (SO NICE OF THEM.)

I'm a big essential oil user.

Yes, I'm a user.

And not just any essential oils. I did my research and decided that Young Living was the way to go. Yes, it's a multi-level marketing company (MLM). Yes I know people think it's a "pyramid scheme" (it's not otherwise they wouldn't be in business). Yes, I realize there are a lot of doubters out there. I simply don't care! (I mean that with love - people just don't know.)

Each year, there's some new scary virus or sickness floating around. West Nile. Swine flu. SARS. Ebola. Bird flu. They are legitimate threats. Perhaps not the extent the media makes it out to be, but still very real. So what's a person to do? Sit back and wait for the vicious disease to sneak into you home in the middle of the night, stand over the bed, laugh menacingly, and infect YOUR WHOLE FAMILY!? 

Um, no.

Put some power in your hands! I wanted something that could help support my immune system and I felt like essential oils and homeopathy were the way to go. It's WONDERFUL having a doctor we trust for our family. I just didn't want to see her so often! 

It's been a journey I would take again and again if given the choice. I feel like I have some actual power - some kind of say in my family's health. In MY health. I have learned something each day since getting my oils and it's been six years now.

If you want to learn more in a no-pressure way, please tune in this Sunday evening: 
            Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:
We'll talk about the basics and how I got started and how it could affect you.

If you can't make this one, check out our event page HERE for more options!

Basically, I want everyone to have the positive experience I've had. I want you to have a healthy family and I want you to be well!

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